seals sealing performance of the main factors

we look at the seals sealing performance of the main factors?

in actual production, some hydraulic equipment is often poor due to the hydraulic cylinder seals, causing the leak, line, research injuries, poor packing performance, which seriously affected the smooth working of hydraulic equipment, reliability and service life, and even lead to hydraulic device is not the whole production.

(1) the accuracy of the hydraulic cylinder of large diameter, there is a long cylinder bore cylindrical error; mug l the middle of the wear and tear after a period of time using a larger gap with the piston and cylinder are very small, the friction suddenly big suddenly a small, exacerbated the wear ring, there creeping phenomenon.

(2) the strength of sealing rubber ring under the oil pressure at work, sealing gasket is squeezed into the gap c in the rear, causing deformation, wear and tear. in addition, the double-acting hydraulic cylinder of the oil will accumulate in the ring, the reciprocating games generate pressure, seals would be the role of back pressure. when the back pressure higher than the oil pressure, the ring will be squeezed out from the slot, deformation, cracking to failure.

(3) load force effect of the direction of hydraulic equipment is difficult load axis coincides with the rod, while the radial force generated in the four-column hydraulic press (hydraulic press is not the case), the column and produced by wear between the side of sleeve force to the piston and the hydraulic cylinder relative skew axis line, so that yx seals shouli bu jun, weaknesses arising from, resulting in aprons be cramped into the phenomenon of lead cylinder and piston, piston rod and cylinder head injury study between holes。

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