Mechanical seals

  • Model Number:KTJXS-1
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  • Port:TianJin
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union
  • Material:EPDM,PVC
  • Certificate:ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO16949/ROHS


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Mechanical seals are composed of a EPDM or soft PVC trim strip and a EPDM sponge bulb with the special metal clips and gripping tongue to provide the better gripping,which are mainly used in machinery,autos,truck and so on.

Material EPDM,soft PVC
General Temperature range
  • PVC:-20˚F to +150˚F
  • EPDM:-40˚F to +230˚F
Clip material Alum,steel
  • PVC:85 shoreA
  • EPDM:70shoreA
Colour  black
Packing customed the packing according to your requirements
Resistance to
  • Weather resistance— Excellent
  • alkalis and acids resistance— Excellent
  • Aging and ozone resistance—- Excellent
  • Sunlight Aging resistance—Excellent
  • ROHS
  • SGS
◆ Part of the figure shows the real
      Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSHI5  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSHI1  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSHI2
Mechanical seal Mechanical seal Mechanical seal
Product Features
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Many sizes to fit accurately
  • Excellent seal properties
  • Reduce noise and shock
  • Protect the edge from damage
  • Wide range of temperature
※ Many Applications
Autos Truck   Container  Cabinet
◆ More screenshots
(Please quote our part number on your enquiry. Please note, dimensions may vary slightly depending on manufacturer.)
                                 Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ14  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ23  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ18
Rub-M-001 Rub-M-002 Rub-M-003
 Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ22  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ24  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ16
Rub-M-004 Rub-M-005 Rub-M-006
 Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ5  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ21  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ20
Rub-M-007 Rub-M-008 Rub-M-009
 Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ19  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ17  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ15
Rub-M-010 Rub-M-011 Rub-M-012
 Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXJ1  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ13  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ12
Rub-M-013 Rub-M-014 Rub-M-015
 Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ11  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ10  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ9
Rub-M-016 Rub-M-017 Rub-M-018
 Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ8  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ7  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ6
Rub-M-019 Rub-M-020 Rub-M-021
 Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ4  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXSJ3  Mechanical-seal-rubber-product-KTJXJ2
Rub-M-022 Rub-M-023 Rub-M-024
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