General requirements for sealing materials

Sealing performance will largely depend on the performance of the sealing material. Early sealing materials mainly is made of fabrics, mineral fibers or felt like. With the development of industrial technology,seal material has also been rapid development in order to meet the hydraulic, pneumatic sealing increasingly complex and diverse requirements. Physical and chemical properties continue to improve.

The general requirement of modern hydraulic, pneumatic seals, sealing materials as below:
(1) Dense and not easy to leak medium.
(2) Have appropriate mechanical strength and hardness.
(3) Have good chemical stability in the working medium, working equipment hydraulic oils and lubricants have a certain tolerance, no swelling, no shrinkage, no softening, hardening.
(4) Have good compressibility and resilience, permanent deformation is small, it is possible to eliminate the gap caused due to the eccentricity of the piston or the piston rod.
(5) Ability to adapt to a certain temperature, do not soften at high temperatures, it does not decompose at low temperatures without hardening, embrittlement.
(6) Good corrosion resistance, can long-term work in acid, alkali, oil medium, its small size and hardness changes, and non-stick
Attached to the metal surface.
(7) Low coefficient of friction, good wear resistance.
(8) Good softness and elasticity in conjunction with the sealing surface.
(9) Ozone resistance and good resistance to aging, durable.

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