EPDM sponge rubber seal


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EPDM sponge rubber seal is made of EPDM foam material, individual cellular closed to provide a good water resistance.It can provide a excellent seal and also can reduce vibration for the application.
Temperature range:-40℃ to +120℃
Hardness:25 to 35
Type:D shape,P shape,E shape,I shape,L shape,H shape and others according to your requirement.
Many application:
EPDM rubber Characteristics:
Weather resistance— Excellent
Alkalis and acids resistance— Excellent
Aging and ozone resistance—- Excellent
Elasticity properties— Excellent
Abrasion resistance— Excellent
High and low temperature resistance— Excellent
Sunlight Aging resistance—- Excellent


 self-adhesive_P_setion_03  self-adhesive_P_setion_02  self-adhesive_P_setion_01
 epdm_foam_rubber_KTEFR1  epdm_foam_rubber_KTEFR6  epdm_foam_rubber_KTEF7
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