Dense seal

  • Model Number:KTDS-1
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  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union
  • Material:EPDM,silicone,PVC
  • Certificate:ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO16949/ROHS


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Dense seals are made of EPDM rubber,silicone  or PVC,which are mainly used in automobile,door and windows,cabinet and other applications to protect the applications from damage.

◆ More screenshots
(Please quote our part number on your enquiry. Please note, dimensions may vary slightly depending on manufacturer.)
 rubber-seals-KTDSJ2  rubber-seals-KTDSJ1 rubber-seals-KTDSJ4
Rub-Rub-Den001 Rub-Rub-Den002 Rub-Rub-Den003
rubber-seals-KTDSJ3  Dense-seal-rubber-seals-KTDSJ4  Dense-seal-rubber-seals-KTDSJ6
Rub-Rub-Den004 Rub-Rub-Den005 Rub-Rub-Den006
  • EPDM
  • silicone
  • PVC
General Temperature Rating
  • PVC:-20˚F to +150˚F
  • EPDM:-40˚F to +230˚F
  • silicone:-80℃ to +280℃
Colour PVC:White,Light,Grey,Silver,Light Beige,Tan,customed the colour according to the applicationEPDM:blacksilicone:customed the colour according to the application
  • PVC:85 shoreA
  • EPDM:70shoreA
  • Silicone:40-90A
Resistance to
  • Weather resistance— Excellent
  • alkalis and acids resistance— Excellent
  • Aging and ozone resistance—- Excellent
  • Sunlight Aging resistance—- Excellent
  • high and low temperature resistance— Excellent
  • ROHS
  • SGS
Product Features
  • Many sizes to fit accurately
  • Reduce noise and shock
  • Protect the edge from damage
  • Wide range of temperature
  • Good toughness properties
◆ Part of the figure shows the real
    Dense-seal-rubber-seals-KTDSSHI4  Dense-seal-rubber-seals-KTDSSHI5  Dense-seal-rubber-seals-KTDSSHI1
Dense Rseal Dense seal Dense seal
 Dense-seal-rubber-seals-KTDSSHI2  Dense-seal-rubber-seals-KTDSSHI6  Dense-seal-rubber-seals-KTDSSHI3
Dense seal Dense seal Dense seal
※ Many Applications
Machinery Plastic-steel door and windows Al-alloy door and windows Boat
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