Cladding type sealing strips were came into being

Now EPDM sealing strips  dominated the door and window industry in the market,a lack of the rubber products of environment protection.But EPDM material sealing strips have some disadvantages themselves,so cladding type sealing strips were came into being.

Cladding type sealing strips

Cladding type sealing strips made of PU foam with high resilience,include PE film and PP frame.It can provide excellent seal property for door and windows with less than 10% compressive deformation because of the PU foam. PE film with many colours not only extend the service life of the products,but also better fit the applications.Internal PP frame provide strong  holding in the installation and prevent shrink of the products

Advantages:environmental protection
Service life is more longer than EPDM material
Property will not change in long-term use.


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