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Rubber tube(6)

Rubber tube is a kind of extruded products without fabric insert,include EPDM rubber tube,silicone rubber tube,PVC tube,sponge rubber tube,Natural rubber tube,Nitrile rubber tube.
EPDM rubber tube:Excellent resistance to aging and ozone and excellent resistance to weather,low temperature,alkalis, acids and oxygenated solvents.
Working temperature range:-30℃ to +100 ℃,intermittent to +130 ℃
Silicone rubber tube:excellent resistance to high temperature,Very smooth surface,good mechanical properties.Working temperature range:-50℃ to +180℃
Natural rubber tube:Good elasticity and mechanical properties,no remaining deformation after strain,Working temperature range:-35℃ to +75℃
Nitrile rubber tube:excellent oil,petrol resistance, good mechanical properties,low remaining deformation after pressure. Working temperature range:-30℃ to +100℃
OEM and ODM are available
Packing:roll packing,carton,pallet
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