KAIT Rubber

Rubber Molded Products(2)

Rubber Molded Products including oil seals,o rings,hydraulic seals and other gaskets,which are mainly used in autos,machinery and others to prevent the oil or water from leakage.
1) Nitrile rubber:oil resistance—excellent, Abrasion resistance—good,Temperature range:-25℃~+110℃
2) Fluororubber(FPM,viton):High and low temperature resistance—excellent,Temperature range: -20℃~+250℃
3) Polyurethane(PU):mechnical performance—good,Abrasion resistance—good,Temperature range: -45~90 ℃
4) silicone rubber:non-toxic,non-brominated,High temperature resistance,temperature range:-80℃ to +280℃.
OEM and ODM are available.
Packing:roll packing,carton,pallet
Delivery time is according to the specific goods,usually in 20 days-30 days,customed products need minimum quantity and longer delivery time request.
Business type:manufacturer