KAIT Rubber

Rubber hose(6)

Rubber hose include PVC hose,silicone rubber hose,EPDM Rubber hose,Natural rubber hose,nitrile rubber hose,which are mainly used in water hose,air rubber hose,transporting oil,fuel(nitrile rubber hose) and other industry and construction.
PVC hose:stable properties,good resistance to weather,corrode and is hardly flammable,but poor oxidation resistance.
Working temperature recommended:-30℃ to +65℃
EPDM rubber hose:Excellent resistance to aging and ozone,good resistance to weather,low and high temperature,excellent resistance to alkalis, acids and oxygenated solvents.It often be used in water hose,air hose and other construction,not suitable for oil products.
Working temperature recommended:-30℃ to +100 ℃,intermittent to +130 ℃
Silicone rubber hose:excellent resistance to high temperature,Very smooth surface,non-toxic and odorless,medium resistance to chemical solvent.Good resistance to weather.Working temperature recommended:-50℃ to +180℃
Natural rubber hose:excellent alternating bending resistance,good mechanical properties and good elasticity,no remaining deformation after tearing.Working temperature recommended:-35℃ to +75℃
Nitrile rubber hose:excellent resistance to oil,gasoline,fuel.Good mechanical properties and small remaining deformation after pressure,it often be called oil hose.Working temperature recommended:30℃ to +95℃
OEM is available
Packing:roll packing,carton