KAIT Rubber

Multi shaped rubber extruded(14)

Multi shaped rubber extruded product is a kind of extruded products,including U channel,e section, D Section, P section, square section, flap section,T section,L section,H section, Trapezium, Triangle, and other Miscellaneous.The main material:EPDM rubber,PVC,silicone,neoprene.
The features of EPDM rubber:sunlight aging resistance,anti-oxidation,anti-chemical,temperature range:-40° F to +230° F
The features of PVC material:stable performance, excellent waterproof,insulation properties,temperature range:-20 ° F to +150 ° F.
The features of silicone:non-toxic,non-brominated,high temperature resistance , temperature range: -80 ℃ to +280 ℃.
The features of neoprene:anti-aging,good resistance to ozone and thermal,moderate resistance to oil,temperature range :-40 ° F to 225 ° F.
OEM and ODM are available.
Packing:roll packing,carton,pallet
Delivery time is according to the specific goods,usually in 20 days-30 days,customed products need minimum quantity and longer delivery time request.
Business type:manufacturer